• New EZAir release - 4.38

    New EZAir release is available for download.

    Version 4.38 contains several new features:

    • Wall function
    • Hybrid turbulence models
    • Hybrid central differencing with upwind approximations

    Do take the time to go over the "-new" option and check all the changes, note any changes in default values of parameters.

    The files are avalilable for download from our website.

    Log-in is required to acquire access to the files.

    The download is located in private files section.

    Please download and apply the licenses archive as well.   

    Do not forget to log-out if accessing from a public computer.

  • ISCFDC courses and workshops - 2019

    ISCFDC is proud to offer a wide variety of courses and workshops on technical and theoretical subjects, all related to software developed or marketed by ISCFDC.

    Technical courses will introduce you  to better approaches to a wide range of tasks  which span from  grid  generation using Pointwise, through the preparation of simulations using EPPIC, to post-processing using FieldView and EPPIC. In addition, the center offers hands on training concerning the practical usage of ISCFDC in-house software (EZAir/Arion/EPPIC/EZOpt)

    The theoretical courses are intended to broaden the CFD background while emphasizing the role that CFD plays in multidisciplinary analysis.

    Below  follows the update to the list of courses which will be held during the year 2019:

    Course Dates
    Pointwise - beginners April 10-11
    Chimera meshing June 26-27
    EZAir July 10
    EPPIC July 11
    Arion July 24
    Fieldview - beginners July 25
    Introduction to turbulence modeling July 31
    Computational aeroelasicity August 1
    Pointwise - advanced August 7-8  
    Hybrid RANS/LES turbulence models August 29
    CFD for managers Call for dates
    EZOpt September 4-5


    Course costs is 1900NIS + VAT for participant per day. Pointwise for beginners and FieldView for beginners courses are free. EZAir/EPPIC/Arion courses are free for EZAir suite / Arion maintenance owners.

    All courses depend on minimal amount of registrants.

    Courses' syllabuses can be found here.


  • FieldView 18 released!

    FieldView 18 by Intelligent Light is now available for download from

    This release requires obtaining new passwords.

    The new version features More Realistic Rendering, Data Analytics, Increased Performance, New CFD Readers (What's New?).

  • EZOpt video tutorials are available online

    EZOpt tutorials, with voice-over, are now available online.
    The tutorials can be accessed using the link:

    We are currently working on a release that will include support for Matlab and Python.

    Trial licenses can be requested by contacting Yakov Mindelis Yakov Mindelis  (this is the contact info for all additional license related matters).

  • Arion update - 1.25 r561

    Version 1.25 r561 of the unstructured flow solver Arion is available for download.

    This release of Arion contains minor operational bugfixes.

    The relevant files are available for download from our website.

    Log-in is required to acquire access to the files.

    When logging in for the 1-st time, please contact Jack via phone to obtain the authorization data.

    The download is located in the private files section.

    Do not forget to log-out if accessing from a public computer.

    Customers who provided an upload service as a standard method to acquire sofware from us will receive Arion directly.