New EZAir release - 4.33

New EZAir release is available for download.

Version 4.33 contains several improvements, specifically with the automation procedures.

As with any new feature, please visualize the results before using it. In particular, make sure to visualize the automatic force overlap using EPPIC. (saving the chimera information using "-sim chimera save ..." produces "force" files that contain the exact overlap polygons).

Do take the time to go over the "-new" option and check all the changes, note any changes in default values of parameters.
The distance suitability function has been changed and therefore it may change any automatic minimization that was previously used.

The files are avalilable for download from our website.

Log-in is required to acquire access to the files.

The download is located in private files section.

Please download and apply the licenses archive as well.   

Do not forget to log-out if accessing from a public computer.