EPPIC release - 3.0.0 r503

This is a major EPPIC release which contains the following improvements:

  • ISO Surfaces: can be created for any scalar value for any subset of zones.
  • Coordinate Surface: any plane can be defined for the coordinate surface (not just X/Y/Z plane). Coordinate surface may now apply to a surface, which results in 'intersect line'. The values along the intersect line may then be used inside plotter.
  • Vectors: any vector variable can be displayed as a vector field. The vectors can be projected to a given plane or to the surface itself, and their body-size / head-size can be modified by the users. 
  • Transient Data: EPPIC now supports transient data analysis. Solution based on the transient data exported from EZAIR can be interpolated to display the solution in time step not written by EZAIR.
  • Extreme Points which display the location and value of any scalar extreme (minimum / maximum) in any subset of zones/surfaces.
  • Screenshots and  Movies  export. Users may determine the image/movie size, 3D display background, and toggle display of any annotations within the image. Users may use the transient panel to export movies. Several movie formats are supported.
  • New plotting interface which allowing users to view their results on any given surface (single point, line segment or range), and the values of intersected line. Users may view and compare results throughout different time steps (for transient analysis), filter their data, and define a colormap for the selected points. Future development will include additional chart options.
  • Flux calculation of any scalar on any given surface can be displayed as a table. The scalar is evaluated on each face and total flux through the surface is calculated.
  • Restart files: export/import of restart files (similar to FieldView). The restart files may be:
    • Complete: both windows layout and the simulations within each window (including plots)
    • Simulation: the display of the given simulation
  • Interface makeover: to avoid cluttering of the interface due to addition of numerous new features, object properties were grouped into categories to allow easy navigation between them.

The files are avalilable for download from our website in the public download secion.

This release requires an RLM license, floating or node-locked, EPPIC RLM package is available for download along with EPPIC.
License requests  should be sent to licenses@iscfdc.com, including type of the licnese and RLM hostid.