In-house CFD Codes

  • EZNSS - Structured Chimera based code
  • EZAir - Second generation structured code
  • Arion - Unstructured flow solver
  • MACAW - Cartesian research codes
  • Utilities:
    • P3D - Powerful Plot3D datasets manipulation utility (click here to donwload)
    • EZXtrude - Application for surface extrusion
    • EPPIC - EZAir pre- and post-processing application
  • EZOpt - GUI application that allows to conduct optimization processes using a wide variety of local and heuristic optimization algorithms,  built-in tools and external analysis software (CFD and others), external applications (EPPIC, MSES, MATLAB, and Microsoft Excel), and external scripts.

Commercial Software

  • Grid generation and Pre-processing: Fidelity Pointwise (Cadence)
  • Special-purpose CFD Codes: VLAERO+, VSAERO, USAERO, MGAERO, NSAERO (AMI Aero, LLC)
  • Post-analysis and Flow Visualization: FieldView (Tecplot)