• New FieldView release - 20.0

    New FieldView 20.0 is out.

    Customers using license issued for FieldView versions prior to 20.0 will need to update their licenses to version 20.0.

    Information on new features and improvements can be found in the following link

  • New EPPIC update - 3.0.0 r522

    A new EPPIC update is available for download.

    This release contains accumulated bug fixes

    The files are available for download from our website in the publc download area.


  • New EZAir update - 4.60

    A new EZAir update is available for download.

    This release contains accumulated bug fixes:

    • Fixed friction force calculation in laminar simulations
    • Fixed massflux.out B.C.
    • Enabled chimera optimization in single formation simulations
    • Fixed p3d output in axis-adjacent cells 
    • Fixed multi-block B.C. in distributed (MPI) chemical equilibrium simulations


    Do take the time to go over the "-new" option and check all the changes, note any changes in default values of parameters.

    Note that the updated manual is included in the distribution. Please circulate between the users.

    The files are available for download from our website or in your upload faciltes.

    Log-in is required to acquire access to the files.

    The download is located in the private files section.

    Do not forget to log-out if accessing from a public computer.

  • EPPIC release - 3.0.0 r503

    This is a major EPPIC release which contains the following improvements:

    • ISO Surfaces: can be created for any scalar value for any subset of zones.
    • Coordinate Surface: any plane can be defined for the coordinate surface (not just X/Y/Z plane). Coordinate surface may now apply to a surface, which results in 'intersect line'. The values along the intersect line may then be used inside plotter.
    • Vectors: any vector variable can be displayed as a vector field. The vectors can be projected to a given plane or to the surface itself, and their body-size / head-size can be modified by the users. 
    • Transient Data: EPPIC now supports transient data analysis. Solution based on the transient data exported from EZAIR can be interpolated to display the solution in time step not written by EZAIR.
    • Extreme Points which display the location and value of any scalar extreme (minimum / maximum) in any subset of zones/surfaces.
    • Screenshots and  Movies  export. Users may determine the image/movie size, 3D display background, and toggle display of any annotations within the image. Users may use the transient panel to export movies. Several movie formats are supported.
    • New plotting interface which allowing users to view their results on any given surface (single point, line segment or range), and the values of intersected line. Users may view and compare results throughout different time steps (for transient analysis), filter their data, and define a colormap for the selected points. Future development will include additional chart options.
    • Flux calculation of any scalar on any given surface can be displayed as a table. The scalar is evaluated on each face and total flux through the surface is calculated.
    • Restart files: export/import of restart files (similar to FieldView). The restart files may be:
      • Complete: both windows layout and the simulations within each window (including plots)
      • Simulation: the display of the given simulation
    • Interface makeover: to avoid cluttering of the interface due to addition of numerous new features, object properties were grouped into categories to allow easy navigation between them.

    The files are avalilable for download from our website in the public download secion.

    This release requires an RLM license, floating or node-locked, EPPIC RLM package is available for download along with EPPIC.
    License requests  should be sent to, including type of the licnese and RLM hostid.

  • New EZAir release - 4.59

    The new release contains accumulated improvements and bug fixes, including, but not limited to:

    • New variants of the Spalart-Allmaras (SA) and SST turbulence models
    • Forced transition model via restriction of turbulence source terms to specific regions
    • Improved compressibility corrections for SST and TNT turbulence models
    • Analytic-flux-based Jacobians
    • Single formation movement fast Chimera optimization
    • New strategy for "logic interpolation"
    • Shock-based damping of implicit schemes for enhanced stability near shocks
    • Option to link mass flow boundary conditions
    • Improved multigrid
      • Full multigrid (FMG) initialization
      • Defect correction
      • Positivity-preserving prolongation
      • Support for chimera grids
    • Added option to reduce sweeps in Gauss-Seidel implicit schemes
    • First-order-accurate (temporal) dual-time marching

    A matching version of EPPIC is released as well. 

    Do take the time to go over the "-new" option and check all the changes, note any changes in default values of parameters.

    Note that the updated manual is included in the distribution. Please circulate between the users.

    The files are available for download from our website.

    Log-in is required to acquire access to the files.

    The download is located in the private files section.

    Do not forget to log-out if accessing from a public computer.

  • New Pointwise release - 18.4R2

    New Pointwise V18.4R2 is out.

    Customers using license issued for Pointwise releases prior to V18.4 will need to update to a V18.4 license.
    License installation instructions can be found here.

  • Pointwise "Working from Home" survey

    Dear valued customer,

    As Pointwise Inc. is making an effort to ease the difficulties raised by the
    Coronavirus pandemic. This especially concerns people who are forced to work
    from home and therefore may not have access to their license server. To this
    end, Pointwise is releasing an Engineering Software Licensing and Working
    Remotely survey that will run through Friday, 9 October. Please take this
    survey by using this link.


  • Free Pointwise Course - Mesh Generation Foundations (update)

    Due to the Corona virus outbrake, the course "Mesh Generation Foundations" is now free till the end of May 2020.

    "This class is suitable for all, even those with no prior experience using Pointwise. And if you are already using Pointwise, this class will bring you up to speed on the latest features and show you some techniques to make your job easier. It includes a full overview of the program, including thorough coverage of the graphical user interface style, interaction and customization. "

    The link to the course is:

  • ISCFDC courses 2020


    ISCFDC is proud to offer a wide variety of courses and workshops on technical and theoretical subjects, all are related to software that is developed or marketed by ISCFDC.

    Technical courses will introduce you to better approaches and to a wide range of tasks spanning from grid  generation using Pointwise, through the preparation of simulations using EPPIC, to post-processing using FieldView and EPPIC. In addition, the center offers hands on training concerning the practical use of ISCFDC in-house software (EZAir Suite of Codes/Arion/EPPIC/EZOpt)

    The theoretical courses are intended to broaden the CFD background while emphasizing the role that CFD plays in multidisciplinary analysis.

    Folowing is the current list of courses that are offered during the year 2020:

    Course Dates
    Pointwise - Beginners March 12
    Pointwise - Advanced April 2
    EZAir Suite of Codes  April 20
    EZAir - Applications May 7
    Fieldview - Beginners May 12
    Chimera meshing June 11
    Introduction to turbulence modeling July 2
    EPPIC August 6
    EZOpt September 10
    Arion + unstructured meshing October 19
    Hybrid RANS/LES turbulence models November 1
    Computational aeroelasicity Call for dates
    CFD for managers Call for dates

    Course cost is 1,900NIS + VAT per participant per day. Pointwise for beginners and FieldView for beginners courses are free. EZAir Suite of Codes/EPPIC/Arion courses are free for EZAir/Arion customers whose maintenance is current.

    All courses depend on minimal number of registrants.

    Important note concerning courses that are free of charge. Registrants who will fail to attend will miss their privilenge to attend that course for free in the future.

    Courses' syllabi can be found here.