Pointwise 18 license request

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Dear Pointwise customer,

We are nearing the release date of Pointwise version 18. This is a reminder that the license server software used by Pointwise V18 will change to the Reprise License Manager.

Please provide the Hostname and Host ID of your license server. Those of you who require a permanent license, please use the appropriate choice menu below.  Installation of RLM package which is available at download section  of Pointwise web-site is required to obtain the correct Hostname and Host ID. Please consult Pointwise help page on "How can I find my license server’s host name and host ID?"

Owners of perpetual licenses are entitled to receive a permanent Gridgen license as well. Please provide the Hostname and Host ID for Gridgen license manager.

Note that your Pointwise version 17 license will continue to run until the end of your maintenance period.
Those of you who will need an Version 17 license extension due to existing projects, are requested to contact us.

Customers who request a permanent licenses, are strongly advised to choose a durable server that is not expected to be replaced in the near future.

And finally, customers who have permanent Pointwise licenses would need to remove the old licenses and provide a letter similar to a license removal form. The form is attached herein.

Host name of the computer which will be used as the license server.
Host ID(s) of the computer which will be used as the license server.
Files must be less than 1 MB.
Allowed file types: rtf pdf doc docx odt.